Rebuilding A Wrecked 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS Part 16

We finally made it! We are ready to get the 67 Chevrolet Camaro into a paint booth and start spraying down some color. Were super happy to be at this stage because what comes next is going to be super wild. The lt4 engine swap is going to be the highlight of this entire project and here soon it'll all be happening! Also we got a new camera man and things are definitely a bit more interesting!!! Thanks for watching!!!


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    11:33 😂😂

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    What happened to Simeon's right cheek?

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    3:27 THAT MUSIC? 😲 cooooool

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    Boys, don't be shy and let your dad give you a big hug no metter the camera is on.👍

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    Gregory Clarkأشهر قبل

    "This thing is smoother than Tennessee whiskey," is my favorite..

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    2 wheels of one kind on a side and different on the other. No one can see both sides at the same time. Friends will say.... " i saw the same car with different wheels" and you will be " that was us" . Look at the wheels on this side and then the other, As long as the tire size is the same who cares.

  • Kayden Rohlik
    Kayden Rohlik2 أشهر قبل

    I see that ls3 badge on the raptor haha

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  • Billy Bob Thornton
    Billy Bob Thornton2 أشهر قبل

    I love pops man. We’re all gonna miss him in the next video. But he’s gonna show back up all rested up with a new grill ready to show off that smile.

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    let me borrow your hellcat ;]

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    Did I miss something where the hails did Sam come from. Is he family? His framing needs a little help. But now Simmon can start to get his hands dirty. 😁

  • The Rough Go

    The Rough Go

    2 أشهر قبل

    I'm pretty sure sam is a younger cousin, I think he use to come around to help once and while

  • Jannik Sauer
    Jannik Sauer2 أشهر قبل

    Now that you upgraded your cameraman, please do an camera upgrade. We need 1440p60. At least

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    Are y’all twins?

  • Camron Hazen
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    Cheap $2000 what world u live in. I work my ass off and work over time and still thats alot for me. Ps i work azz a cna but no one cares any way

  • CJ Media
    CJ Media2 أشهر قبل

    Having sam around brings back the me memories of your older videos when he visits in the summer and helps out with the cars! Good time always happy to see sam!

  • Joseph Roberts
    Joseph Roberts2 أشهر قبل

    No way would I use that bottle opener.

  • Matthew Barnhart
    Matthew Barnhart2 أشهر قبل

    the donor wheels are awesome

  • scouse man
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    This video is well better with a new camera man you guys should keep it like this ! With both of you on camera

  • LisbethSalander14
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    I actually really liked Sam recording for a majority of this video, because now we get to see you two interact a lot better

  • Dave James
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    Catching himself on the break, someone's got some seat time 💪 you know if you ride

  • TheRealRonnie
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    When y’all do a CAMARO goon squad shirt I’m definitely copping no question

  • A7xfan2007
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    I’m new here and boy was it a surprise in the beginning,I had no idea they were twins LOL

  • Life in Washington
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    Little brother looks like he's on the sauce. He hitting the gym with some gear. Trenbolone or maybe Testosterone Cypionate? Nothing wrong with that at all unless you abuse it.

  • CodeMonkey02
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    Pops is awesome - Have fun in Mexico!

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    Honor your mother and father that it may go well with you... Good job guys.

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  • 777jakman
    777jakman2 أشهر قبل

    PLEASE DO NOT DO THESE WHEELS.ALL OF THE BODY WORK OUT YOU GUYS HAVE PUT INTO THIS RESCUE OF A PRE 1972 G.M.It for sure deserves and is screaming for a really bad ass deep dish rear end pro touring wheels.Like budniks or forgeline,or billet specialties.You know possibly mini tub it.And do a deep dish 19 or 20 in the back.with fat ass tires.and 18 or 17 up front.With your guys $ I would also do carbon ceramic brakes.Shit I would ordered a roadstershop chassis for it also.they are the sickest/most affordable chassis period for any classics.JUST guys should go the extra mile.Make more videos with this car(there for more $)And you guys also get a few parts sponsors and take that beast to sema!just saying you guys definitely deserve a sema booth with all of the actual hands on work you 2 actually put Into your rides.Compared to some other channels.Who pretty much just come up with the idea/design of what the car will look like but never actually do the work.I am not naming any names...TJ HUNT.BUT ya you 2 should do that.or not maybe that's not your guys cup of tea?

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    I like the idea of you guys adding a camera man to the show… however it’s hard to hear to guys that far away. You might need to mic up. Just don’t blow us away being to loud.

  • Roger Sellers
    Roger Sellers2 أشهر قبل

    As an old timer, I had to chuckle to see you two young bucks stumped trying to figure out how to remove the inside drivers door handles and window cranks on a 1967 GM car! :-D There's a cheap tool at your local auto parts store made specifically to remove the door handles and window cranks on 1960's and later GM cars and trucks. Once you know how they are held on, you can actually make a tool yourself to do this without damaging the cranks or upholstered door panels. Keep up the good work and keep the laughs coming! :-)

  • Babs
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    Get a PAPR! So nice and comfy! Personal air purifying respirator. Wear the battery pack on your waist. Get a second battery on the charger. Lasts about 3-4 hrs. It’s heaven! 👍🏼

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    Thomas has made an executive decision that he needs a chariot of his own. He has taken into consideration that Chevrolet's Camaro was originally called the Panther, and that coincidence is a myth. In Thomas' opinion, it is a matter of destiny that this 1967 Chevrolet Camaro is being restored to such a high level, and Thomas feels as though him not choosing this vehicle to be his own personal chariot would be a horrible opportunity to miss. Thomas has also decided that he will name his new chariot the "CATmaro". Thomas has issued this decree on the date of August the 12th, in the year of our savior 2021. Don't shoot me guys, I'm just the messenger.

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